Aims & Aspirations of RLSS(I)


  1. Encourage the young to learn how to swim.
  2. Teach them first aid procedures and life saving drills.
  3. Introduce schemes to encourage them to qualify as lifesavers and lifeguards.
  4. Provide "First Aid" and prevent loss of life on land and waterfronts.
  5. Recognize and reward good work done in first aid and life saving.
  6. Collect and collate information on drowning accidents and rescue affected.
  7. Investigate and analyze accidents to develop more effective rescue methods.


  1. Build up membership of RLSS (I).
  2. Gradually reach out to and establish RLSS (I) in every district of the country.
  3. Establish RLSS (I) as a paramedical organization for the entire country.
  4. Obtain patronage of the President of India for the society.
  5. Obtain healthy financial assistance from State and Corporate sector.
  6. Declare Lifesaving mandatory for all water sports persons.
  7. Participate in International Lifesaving Championships.

  8. Our Latest Aspiration
  9. To promote Beach Culture in India through Nipper's Programme.

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