Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India)

Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) is the "Official" branch of the Royal Life Saving Society (Commonwealth), headquartered in the UK and a member of the International Life Saving Federation, based in Belgium.The RLSS (I) came in to being in August, 1998 with a joint agreement between the -
     Royal Life Saving Society -UK
     The Royal Life Saving Society - Australia
     The Indian Maritime Foundation

Since its formation, the RLSS (I) has successfully conducted over 5000 "Lifesaving Demonstrations" all over the country. Over 150,000 first aid responders lifesavers and lifeguards have been trained by the Society since its inception in 1998. In Pune alone there are over 4000 lifesaver & lifeguards, who guard pools and other swimming venues to enhanced safety of people. Their deployment has maintained zero death rate in Pune public pools since 2010. Over 80000 people, adults and children have been trained by the Society to swim since March 2001, achieving almost 90% success rate. The dictum is clear. Teach them to swim if you don't want them drowned!

The RLSS (I) aspires to extend its coverage to all the 676 districts in the country progressively.

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