How It Began

In July 1997 Adm Sharma and Mrs. Kavita Sharma shifted residence to Pune. Witness to an accident that took 29 very young lives when a school bus jumped the rails of Wazirabad bridge near Delhi and plunged into the river below. Some children swam to safety, some stayed in the bus in shock and some who tried to swim away suffered emersion in water. Fortunately there were fisherman around to recover the bodies and placed them on the bank the river. That is where the children died for want of First Aid. Unable to get a response to the question as to why the children did not receive help prompted the Admiral to launch an organisation to empower people with life saving skills. RLSS(I) was launched on 2nd August 1998 and officially accepted by the Charities Commissioner in 2001. Since then the society under the leadership of Adm. Sharma has been training the youth in skills to help a person in distress covering accidents both on land and in water.

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